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From the editing team at The Football Sack

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For the past 10 years The Football Sack have offered over 100 aspiring football journalists the opportunity to contribute. Our editing team have provided tailored guidance and countless amounts of feedback on how to write specifically for football.

It’s resulted in some pretty big success. 90 writers from The Football Sack have gone on to professional work in the media industry. They're now interviewing athletes they used to only see on TV and influencing a game that’s given them so much joy.

That’s why we’re pretty confident in what we’ve created in these courses. The Academy of Sports Writing brings all that knowledge together in neat, easy to learn packages. It’s your playbook to producing outstanding sports journalism.


The only difference between a fan and a football writer is experience, knowledge and a platform. Enroll in one of the courses at Academy of Sports Writing and start learning the things you need to write about football.